The Office of the Registrar is Vermont Law School's center for registration and academic records. The office also verifies student enrollment, records transfer credit, manages bar applications, provides transcripts, evaluates degree requirements for graduation, oversees the administration of midterm, final exams and the final exam schedule, publishes the Academic Calendar, VLS course listings and assists students with other tasks as needed including ski passes and loan deferments.

Official communication from the Office of the Registrar is via the VLS email account and students should check their VLS email accounts on a regular basis.



Maureen Moriarty, Registrar and Director of Academic Procedures (COS, international students, AWRs & IRPs, waitlists, final exams, transfer, Jenzabar) 802-831-1265 |

Tammie Johnson, Associate Registrar  (graduation processing & diplomas, certificates, notary, mid terms, summer courses) 802-831-1261 |

Amy Frost, Assistant Registrar (bar certifications, online course registrations, verifications and good standing) 802-831-1356 |

Sandy Johnston, Administrative Assistant/Examsoft administrator  (transcript requests, exam software) 802-831-1032 |

Due to the COVID-19 closing of the Vermont Law School campus, registration for next year has been postponed until April 17-30.  Emails have gone out to all students with more information.


8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Fall Final Exam Schedule

Fall '20 Exam Schedule as of 12.3.20            
Date Course ID Title Professor Start Length Software Open Book/Closed Book-AI
Dec. 9 REQ7150.02 Torts Willbanks 10:00am 4 hours ExamSoft AI
  ENV5125.01 Land Use Milne 10:00am 3 hours ExamSoft partial Open Book
Thu ENV5245.01 Water Resources Echeverria 10:00am 4 hours TWEN  
Dec.10 FAM7710.01 Estates Willbanks 10:00am 3.5 hours TWEN Open Book
Fri REQ7102.01 Civ Pro I McCormack 10:00am 3 hours Examsoft  
Dec. 11 REQ7102.02 Civ Pro I Vesilind 10:00am 3 hours Examsoft  
  WRI7352.01 BEST Sala 10:00am 3 hours TEAMS  
Mon REQ7185.01 Leg/Reg Beyranevand 10:00am 3 hours TBD Open Book
Dec. 14 REQ7185.02 Leg/Reg Rosenbloom 10:00am 3  hrs 15 min Examsoft Open Book
  ENV5115.01 Environmental Law Firestone 10:00am 3 hours Examsoft Open Book
  FAM7715.01 Family Law Olnek 10:00am 3 hours Examsoft  
Tue ENV5205.01 Air Pollution Rushlow 10:00am 2 hours TWEN  
Dec. 15 PUB7500.01 First Amendment Teachout 10:00am 3 hours Examsoft  
  REQ7130.01 Contracts Firestone 10:00am 4 hours Examsoft Closed Book
Wed REQ7130.02 Contracts Brennan 10:00am 4 hours Examsoft  
Dec.16 LIT7210.01 Evidence Gimenez 10:00am 4 hours TWEN  
Thu   Exam Conflicts any  morning  TBD    
Dec. 17              
Fri Snow Day Makeup             
Final Papers/Final Projects/Take Home Exams          
Final Papers            
  LLM Seminar Echeverria          
  Race and the Law Jefferson          
  Legal Research all          
  Adv Legal Research Ryan          
  Intro to Food and Ag Spiegel          
  State & Local Gov Rosenbloom          
  GPP:Bail to Jail Kruska Available December 4 to 14 (5:00pm)      
  ADR Vogel          
  Law and Popular Culture Meyer          
  Climate Change and Taxes Milne          
  Climate Law Parenteau          
  Election Law Porto          
  National Security Sala          
  Origins and Evolution Miller          
  PR Olnek In class exam during class period (11/30) Examsoft      
Final Project            
  Adv Crim Seminar Sand paper and Presentation        
  Intro to Start Up Law Eicks Presentation        
  CAL Russ Presentation        
Take Home Exams            
  Debtor-Creditor Bankruptcy Mayer Take Home TWEN 2 hours once opened      
  Securities Reg Hibler Take Home Exam week      
  Ocean & Coastal Reiter take home Due Dec 14      
  Leg/Reg Survey Bernstein take home-full week 72 hours once opened    
  Corporations Goodenough Take Home  Plus timed 6 minute quiz.  All in TWEN  
  Criminal Law Doyle take home  TWEN  48 hours once opened    
  Energy Law and Policy Oyewunmi Take Home TWEN  48 hours once opened    
  Employment Law Vogel take home exam TWEN due at noon 12/17    
  Professional Responsibilty Vesilind take home exam        
  Const Crim Law Meyer take home exam Exam period      
  Health Care Law Knapp take home open book         
  Trade Law Teachout take home open book TWEN 5 hours once opened      
  Torts Latham take home Exam period, upload into TWEN    
  Legislation (David Hall) (take home)        



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