FALL TERM 2018                          

September 4                                     Session #1 Begins

September 7                                     Drop Deadline

October 24                                         Session #1 Ends

October 25 – October 29                 Online Fall Break

October 30                                         Session #2 Begins

November 2                                      Drop Deadline

December 19                                    Session #2 Ends


September 4                                     Full Term Session Begins

September 7                                     Full Term Drop Deadline

October 25 – October 29                 Fall Break

December 19                                    Full Term Session Ends


SPRING TERM 2019         

January 8                                          Session #1 Begins

January 11                                        Drop Deadline

February 27                                      Session #1 Ends

February 28 – March 4                    Spring Break

March 5                                              Session #2 Begins

March 8                                              Drop Deadline

April 24                                              Session #2 Ends


January 8                                          Full Term Session Begins

January 11                                        Drop Deadline

February 28 – March 4                    Spring Break

April 24                                              Full Term Session Ends


SUMMER TERM 2019                  

May 7                                                 Session #1 Begins

May 10                                               Drop Deadline

June 26                                             Session #1 Ends

June 27 – July 1                              Summer Break

July 2                                                 Session #2 Begins

July 5                                                 Drop Deadline

August 21                                          Session #2 Ends


May 7                                                 Full Term Session Begins

May 10                                               Drop Deadline

Jun 27 – July 1                                 Summer Break

August 21                                          Full Term Session Ends

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact me at any time.

Kathy Hartman
Student Services Advisor

Online Learning Students - Registration for Online Courses

If you are enrolled in the online programs you may register yourself for online courses.

1. Click on Add/Drop Courses.
2. Select the correct term in the Term drop down box. (ex: 2017-2018 Academic Year – Spring – Spring Term 1) Our terms in the online programs are Fall Terms 1 and 2, Spring Terms 1 and 2, and Summer Terms 1 and 2.
3. Do not select any of the other filters. Make sure that the Division drop down box is on “All”.
4. Click on Course Search to view all the courses offered in the term and note the course code of the course of choice.
5. Note that all online courses now have a suffix of E1 or E2.
6. Click on Add by Course Code. Start typing the course code in the first box and select the correct section in the drop down box.
7. Click on Add Course(s) to add the course to your schedule.
8. You may change terms and repeat the process to continue registering for courses.
9. If you are interested in a full term (14 weeks) class, select full term as the term and then continue as above.


On-Campus Students - Registration For Online Courses

  1. Contact Anne Linehan (alinehan@vermontlaw.edu) (Masters and LLM students) or Kathy Hartman (KHARTMAN@vermontlaw.edu) (JD students) for approval and to ensure that the online class will meet your degree requirements.
  2. Complete the Cross-Registration Form indicating your desired Distance Learning class
  3. The Registrar will register you for your approved class(es).